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The Lifestyle Floors Soho range comes with many practical benefits, which make these floors suitable for modern homes. You can choose a floor for your dining room, kitchen, living room or lounge. These floors are however not suitable for moisture-heavy areas such as bathrooms.

The Lifestyle Floors Soho range comes with a reassuring 20-year warranty. Each floor has been designed to work for you impressively for long years. These floors have an anti-bacterial coating, which resists bacterial growth.

The Soho range features low-noise floors – they can tolerate heavy foot taps without a noise, thanks to their sound absorption feature. These floors show impressive tolerance to scratches and dints too. So, if you have some active pets with sharp claws, you need not be too worried!

They are also designed to be low on maintenance. With periodic vacuuming and sweeping, you’ll be able to keep the floor free of dust and dirt. These floors possess fantastic strength. So, you need not worry about damage by impact from falling objects.

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